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Portugal is a prosperous country located in the southwest of Europe. It enjoys a high standard of living due to an advanced economy based on the IT, agriculture, mining and fishing sectors, as well as having a peaceful culture.

Investors wishing to establish residence in the country can avail of the fast-track Golden Visa Program, which allows them to travel visa-free throughout the Schengen States, which include France,Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden. In order to participate in the program, investors need to invest a minimum of 500,000 in commercial or residential properties, as well as villas and other approved properties.


  • Visa-free travel to all Europe & Schengen countries
  • Minimum stay needed
  • Full rights to live, work and study in Portugal fully extendible to family members
  • Access to all Portuguese public services,including health care and education
  • Eligible for passport/citizenship after 6years, which allows holders to stay in entire EU block

  • Minimal documentation required.

  • Can stay in UK, Germany, Italy France etc.(entire EU Block) after attaining Passport  
Investment in Property OR Finance Option:
  • Minimum investment of  500,000
  • Can be single or multiple properties
  • All property types qualify (Commercial or residential, villas, plots, etc.)  


GMS have already developed a Fast and Simple process assisting investors to be in Portugal for not more than 3 days after getting the Schengen Visa.  


Applicants must be of Good Character &must be of High Net Worth individual (Can purchase the property worth 500,00)

Applicants who are Healthy and have No Criminal Record