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Second Citizen

Residency and Citizenship Program. 
Dominica's Economic Citizenship Program was established in 1991. The investors pay directly to the government. These investments are then given to the Financial Services Unit, who invests in Dominica's infrastructure project.There are three options in this program, family and single option. 

Bulgaria borders 5 countries: Romania, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south. In 1990, after the revolution of1989, Bulgaria undertook a transition to democracy and free-market capitalism.


Full Investment

Financed Investment

Business/Managerial Experience in last 2 years

Business/Managerial Experience in last 2 years

No requirement

Net worth of 1 Million

Government Certified Bonds

Finance  Option



Returned After 5 years - no Accrued Interest

Non- Refundable

Fast Track is Applicable

Fast Track is Applicable


  • Fast And Hassle Free Application In 6 To 9 Months
  • Exemption Of Physical Residency
  • Free Healthcare And Education
  • Same Rights As Bulgarian Citizens
  • Government Guaranteed Investment And Available Financing Option
  • Easy Access To Eu Countries
  • No Taxation On Income And Net Worth
  • Descent Law Applicable On The Entire Family
  • Acquire Eu Passport Via Fast Track
  • Opportunity To Become Resident Of The European Union;
  • Physical Residency Is Waived For Qualified Investors;
  • 5 Years After Maintaining The Residency Entitled You To Apply For Citizenship;